Cut Chenille Baby Blanket

I’ve had Aesthetic Net’s Cut Chenille Baby Blanket tutorial pinned on Pinterest for AGES! I’ve made some other baby quilts in the meantime, biding my time for the right little munchkin to sew one up.  Then I find out my British bestie Alex is expecting a little girl.

cutchenille-3 The first thing I had to was find the perfect print fabric. Alexi is a graphic designer and has a love for cute animal prints.  I was at Fabric Depot during a 40% off sale and spotted this adorable animal forest print from Kokka.  Next up was finding 3 colors of flannel to use for the chenille. This was a bit harder since Fabric Depot didn’t have a wide color choice in flannel. I should have waited and gone to Joann’s, which I later noticed, stocks tons!


I followed the tutorial except for not rounding my corners and making my own bias tape.  One thing to note is that you should have  max of 1/2″ between your lines. Even using my walking foot it was hard to get perfectly straight lines and after washing the places where I was over 1/2″ didn’t look so great.


I would also change one more thing…in the places where the chenille is spaced further apart you can see the back of the print fabric. Just in case this happens again I think I would layer a piece of coordinating solid cotton wrong sides together with the print fabric and then do the flannel.

This is not a hard blanket to make but it takes time to do all the sewing an the cutting, so be sure to give your self a few sessions to get it done.

Good news is that Alex & Baby Evie love it!