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Wardrobe Architect – Week 1

Colette Patterns launched a new interactive series called Wardrobe Architect. Its a weekly series designed to help you build your personal style and sew or buy clothes for a wardrobe that works for you. The was a timely series for me as I’ve realized I have several styles depending on the purpose but I’d like to unify my style so I can minimize my clothing.

Here are my answers to the first week’s worksheet.

How has your personal history informed the way you dress? When did your tastes crystallize? Have they changed over the years, and why? 

I think my tastes are just truly defining themselves now.  I think I’ve always been stylish but from one day to the next it was a totally different look.  I think my travels will be most defining in determining my style.

How does your philosophy, spirituality, or religion affect your aesthetics and buying habits? Or, what aspects of those things would you like to see reflected? 

I tend to dress to make myself happy and not be too concerned about what other people think. So sometimes I buy horizontal stripes when someone hates it on me.  Additionally I’m coming to believe in slow fashion and I’m trying to avoid buying cheap, trendy clothing in favor of better made classics.

How has your cultural background shaped the way you look? How did the aesthetics and values you grew up with affect your tastes as you got older? 

I wouldn’t say my cultural background has much to do it but I think I am definitely influenced by my mother’s mode of dressing.  She will always tell you she has a classic style which is why she won’t get rid of clothes she’s had for 20 years.


How are you influenced by the people around you, including friends, family, and other communities you’re involved in?

Since moving to Portland I’ve become more enamored with vintage clothing and style.  My friends here also tend to wear more dresses and skirts which has certainly inspired me to wear less jeans.

How do your day to day activities influence your choices? 

Living in a city means I do tons of walking. I also do a fair amount of outdoors stuff like hiking and exploring.

Does the place you live inform the way you dress? How does climate factor in? 

Portland certainly has its own dress code.   I stared wearing my glasses a lot more since I moved here and I rarely ever touch my crazy high heel collection. The rain also factors in as during half of the year it can downpour at any time so you at least need to be wearing proper shoes (usually boots) and have a rain jacket with you.

In what ways does body image affect your choices in clothing? What clothes make you feel good about the body you live in? What clothes make you feel uncomfortable or alienated from your body? 

I am full busted and apple shaped so the clothing that makes me feel good those that draw attention away from my tummy but are still fitted.  I am uncomfortable in very loose or tent-like garments.

The Wardrobe Architect