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March Sister Challenge: Natalie

When Lorene sent me a challenge for St Patrick’s Day, I had no idea what to do. The past month was a busy one… As a trustee of the Asbury Park St. Patrick’s Day Parade, I was busy helping to organize and run the first ever parade on March 9. I even made the prize ribbons and Grand Marshal sash.

Asbury Park St Patricks' Day ParakeI did some searches for Irish themed quilt blocks, but nothing really interested me. For some reason, I the thought popped into my head to do a Fibonacci Spiral… but then I realized Fibonacci isn’t even Irish. So I did a quick search for Irish Scientist and low and behold Robert Boyle, the grandfather of Modern Chemistry, topped the list. He proved the relationship between pressure and volume of gases, a cornerstone of my favorite chemistry topic, The Universal Gas Law.  Who doesn’t love the equation PV=nRT ?

The binding is gold tissue lamé, and it was free-motion quilted on my Singer Stylist.  Making this mini quilt was so much fun,  I hope it inspires others to make educational quilts!

Boyle's Law Quilt

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