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Tech Talk: Mobile Robot Printer

I came across a Kickstarter for the Mini Mobile Robotic Printer and I was intrigued.  Basically you plop this device on a piece of paper and it prints. As my sister described it, it’s a Roomba that prints ink instead of vacuums. However, what made me back this project is that it can print on any size paper! I own a ridiculous amount of digital patterns, and there’s little more annoying than having to cut and tape them together.  With this gizmo I’m hoping I can just cut off a sheet of paper from a roll, plop it down and let it go!

pocketprinterNow I know I can get my digital patterns printed at Fedex Office and the like, but the last one I got priced would have been $18! That’s more than I’d paid for the pattern.  So I will be excited to get my Mini Mobile Printer and see if my printing dreams come true.