Burda Spring 2014 Patterns

I can’t say I buy many Burda patterns, but since I was browsing the Simplicity website I figured I would take a look and I found a few great patterns.

Burda 6968 – This is a vintage pattern for a very cute top. It’s nice to see some retro patterns from the 1970s,  and Burda has 4 in their new collection.


Burda 6970 – I just love the vavavoom style of this sweetheart neckline dress. The bustier/skirt combo seems very Kim Kardashian to me.



Burda 6916 – I’m intrigued by geometric construction of these dresses.  I do worry about trying to do an FBA.



Getting Started

Please allow me to introduce myself; my name is Natalie, and i’m a chronic procrastinator.  For the past few weeks, I’ve been contemplating what to write about on our new sewing blog.  Should my inaugural post be about quilting or apparel sewing,  creative process or technical skills?  As often happens with my sewing projects, I get so caught up thinking about what I’m going to do, that I wind up actually doing very little.

It would appear apropos that my first post be about getting started.  I’m not really sure how to express my ideas and I have about million things I’d love to share. But if there is one thing I’ve learned, its that the more you do something difficult, the easier it becomes.

So how do I get started on a project? Most of the time, I start something without really thinking about it. I’m still a very novice quilter, but when I see a block I like, I make it. So I have a bunch of mis-matched blocks all over the place. That is okay with me.  The few finished quilts I’ve made were done on a whim, and they look awesome.

I’ve learned with sewing clothes that I always need to make a muslin.  I don’t have as much of a creative block if I’m constructing something simply for fit. Once I have a completed piece in my hand, I can start really thinking about fabric and notions.   Its more enjoyable planning a project without fear of disaster or ill fit.

So there you go, the answer really is JUST DO IT.

Butterick Spring 2014 Patterns

I really liked several of the new Butterick Patterns.

Butterick 6019 – This is a Patterns by Gertie (Gretchen Hirsch) design. She was inspired by Alfred Shaheen’s 1950’s designs and on her blog you can see some photos of Shaheen’s dresses. I’m going on a family trip to Hawaii later this year and this might be a fun dress to make.


Butterick 6020 – What I like most about this ivy + blu shirtwaist dress is the the stitched pleating on the waistline. I like full skirts but I don’t like the bulk created by gathered skirts.


Butterick 6014 – Like the previous pattern, I dig the pleating around the waistline.  The pleated asymmetric peplum is also a nice change, and since its a knit dress it looks easy to wear and comfy.


Butterick 6010 – Because who doesn’t need a strapless romper/jumpsuit???B6010

Vogue Spring 2014 Sewing Patterns

I’ve been looking through Vogue Patterns website to see what new patterns they have for us in 2014. Here are a couple that I may be picking up next time Joann’s has a $4 pattern sale.

Vogue 8927 – I love the waist detail that makes this not your everyday sheath. Plus the “Custom Fit” Means I may not need to do an FBA!


Vogue 1379 – I like the gypsy vibe of this Tracy Reese Dress.  It would make a comfy but stylish summer dress in matte jersey.


Portland Super Bowl Weekend Sales

Seems like Super Bowl Weekend is big weekend for crafty type stores to have sales. I guess if you don’t care for football you can go get some deals! Personally I’m hosting a Crafts & Commercials party on Super Bowl Sunday. We might watch some football, but more likely it will be the Kitten Bowl.

If you are located in Portland here are some of the sales I’ve heard about. Too bad I’m on a stash diet!

Modern Domestic – 25% off ALL Fabric Saturday & Sunday


Fabric Depot – 50% off all wool fabrics Friday – Monday